Why Use Neogenic From Vichy?

Hair loss is a very normal phenomenon, but it becomes problematic when the hair loss is high (> 100 per day), thus showing more and more visible parts of the scalp. Here are the main causes that can cause this fall:

  • Genetic inheritance
  • Nutrition
  • Some diseases
  • Delivery
  • Significant weight loss in a short time
  • Iron deficiency
  • Thyroid Problems
  • The age …

But external factors may also play a role in this fall:

  • Pollution
  • The UV rays
  • The chemical agents (coloring, straightening …)
  • The use of heating appliances

Neogenic, an innovative anti-fall treatment:

Each hair has a life span of 5 years on average and passes successively through 3 phases: phase of growth, dormancy (rather short 20 days) and “death” during which it falls. At the end of its evolution, the hair is eliminated pushed by a new hair already present. To get out of the dormant phase during which the capillary bulb rests, the hair needs a wake-up signal from the stem cells of this bulb.

Until now, research laboratories only worked on the hair awakening phases, trying to stop hair loss, but they discovered a molecule, called stemoxydine, which allows to act on the phase of dormancy of the bulbs of our hair by stimulating its stem cells. Néogenic is the first treatment of capillary revival with stemoxydine 5% (patented molecule) which acts by biomimetism to promote the functioning of the stem cells of the capillary bulb and thus awaken the hair. After a daily treatment of 90 days, there were 1,700 new hair on more than 100 subjects tested *. Moreover, with its hypoallergenic formula and without paraben, Neogenic is suitable for all scalps, even the most sensitive.

Neogenic was therefore created to combat the lack of capillary density and baldness or the presence of a scalp visible or sparse in men as well as in women.

* Clinical vs placebo on 101 subjects – Average value for alopecia hair

Néogenic, an easy treatment that has proved its worth:

Neogénic is a lotion sold in monodoses that must be applied every day on wet or dry hair. The applicator allows to distribute the right dose every day (attention, it is necessary to be careful to hear the click when inserting a refill) that is placed on the whole of the scalp by making movements in zigzag that will help activate blood circulation and thus better penetrate the product. The texture is non-sticky, but can still leave an impression of fat so if you like having clean and light hair better put the product in the evening and wash your hair on waking. After three months of treatment, a large majority of the dormant bulbs are awakened, the capillary density increases and new hair appears.

Use ideally twice a year to optimize the effect. Vichy has also developed a neogenic redensifying shampoo that will complement the anti-fall action of these ampoules.

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