What Natural Food Supliments For Sports

It is important for athletes to have a healthy, adapted and balanced diet to be effective and to stay in shape in order to bear the sometimes intensive training loads. The athlete must avoid certain foods while favoring others. It may also include taking dietary supplements to increase the physical and mental faculties at specific times such as at certain training sessions or at the approach of a competition for example.

Here are 3 food supplements that will increase vitality, tone, motivation and concentration.

Red Ginseng

The medicinal virtues of ginseng have been known for millennia. Its roots are used in Asia and mainly in China for the manufacture of medicines to treat the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen. Ginseng is also used to heal diabetics, to stimulate the immune system and to restore strength to people recovering. Ginseng is best known as an effective aphrodisiac. It also has tonic properties that allow athletes to improve their performance, support their endurance and accelerate their recovery. Taking this dietary supplement, whatever your level, will allow you to extend the frequency and duration of your training required for better results in competition. Taking supplements based on red ginseng is essential for them to illustrate more in their discipline. It is possible to order pure and good quality products from panax-ginseng.fr


Spirulina is an alga rich in vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids among others. It also has a very high protein content that are essential for children’s bone and muscle growth. On santescience.fryou will discover that its protein level is 57.47%! People with nutritional deficiencies also consume it so that their organism can recover quickly. For athletes who train in an intense way, spirulina-based food supplements are necessary to facilitate recovery and to accelerate healing small muscle and tendon injuries during exercise. Spirulina also promotes the oxygenation of the muscles, as it stimulates the production of red blood cells. Rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium, which will participate in muscular contractions by more easily avoiding cramps and musculo-tendinous accidents, but also and above all to prevent a decrease in performance due to these small traumas that will prevent you from training properly.


Guarana is a plant originally from Amazonia known for the energizing properties of its seeds. These have a much higher caffeine content than coffee. Guarana-based dietary supplements are consumed by athletes who want to boost their performance during training. They also help them to overcome fatigue while increasing their physical and mental acuity, as it is a natural stimulus to physical and intellectual activity, we all know that concentration and lucidity play a role in many sports . The website 123phyto.com   publishes comprehensive information about guarana-based food supplements and their properties.


These three natural food supplements will undoubtedly increase your physical and mental capacities as well as your performance in competition whatever your sport, however you will take great care not to exceed the recommended doses under risk of seeing an opposite effect occur … It’s not because it’s natural that it’s not dangerous at high doses, so be careful!

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