This weight loss supplement can be fatal for heart as well

Gaining weight is always a matter of concern among many people. People do exercises and take many supplements to lose weight. Among these supplements, one is Clenbutrenol. It is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders as well. This supplement is very popular among people who want to lose weight. But there has been reviews and reports that this supplement has some fatal side effects which can be harmful for your health. But some believe that it has no side effects while others opine that it has some vital side effects. So, before using this supplement you should be aware of the list of side effects that it can cause to you.

Effects which may thrive for a short span

Prior to the use of Clenbutrenol as a weight loss supplement, it was used for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It was very effective against the disease of Asthma. This supplement was also used in one of the inhalers of Asthma. Later on, it was more modifies to be used as a weight loss supplement. As a weight reducing agent, it works by raising the blood flow level and by improving the process of metabolism. This burns the unwanted lipids and fat deposits. Body builders getbenefitted from this as it reduces the unwanted fat around the muscles by acting upon hormones like dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Research have shown some of the facts that this supplement should be consumed under well supervision or should be consumed under the guidelines of a physician. When these guidelines are disrespected then it may lead to some of the short term side effects. If CLenbutrenol treated meat are taken and if the consumption of the dosage is increased then it may lead to some of the side effects. Some side effects which should be borne in mind before getting addicted to this supplement are insomnia, palpitation, hypertension, sweating, dry mouth, breathing difficulties, anxiety, nervousness, increased heart rate and muscle cramps. It has also been reported that the side effects of Clenbuterol on the heart reported dangers of taking this supplement.

These side effects gradually decreases if you discontinue with this supplement and this drug is totally expelled from your body. So It is advisable to go for a check up to the doctor and examine that whether your health condition is fit enough to consume this drug and also to control the doses. Drinking lots of water each day and controlling the dosage may expel the side effects.

Effects which can spoil your whole life

Researches have been done on rodents to verify the effects of this drug. Researches have shown that this drug increases the size of cardiac muscle tissue of the heart. This occurs of this drug is consumed for many months at a time and if it is taken at higher doses. This drug increases the production of collagen and thus it reduces the effectiveness of the heart in pumping blood. This leads to irregular heartbeats. The increase in number of collagen may lead to the disease of irregular heartbeat known as Arryhthmias. This leads to the risk of stroke as well. This supplement also affect the size and the structure of heart. This also may aggravate any pre-existing disease of the heart, whichwas not known earlier.So, it is crystal clear from the facts proved that the side effects of Clenbutrenol on the heart reported dangers of taking this supplement.

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