Things Do Not Work The Way We Want


Some of the best ideals in the world do not depend on the actual person that are follow it and holding them as their own but is the actual ideals themselves that make them so vigorous and makes the things so fantastic for all the people in the world and also prompts more people to follow them on the same quest to same ideals. But when it comes to all the ideals in the world, we are not so equal in making people follow them as well as us following them. There is a kind of a hypocrisy that holds true to some people’s ideals over others and people are so biased that they think only their ideals are the most pure and that their ‘intentions’ are true. In that case, everyone’s intentions are true from the bodybuilder who wants to perform just that well in his or her sport tried to get steroids online and is punished by law for that unlawful act that in the eyes of the government and the people is supposedly wrong and punishable by the court of law. If things like this were to be considered as unethical and morally wrong then there would be no end to the mistakes that human beings make and the fact that this problem is being treated as something that is globally life threatening and is considered as lethal as an atom bomb.

The Perversion

An autoimmune disease is a condition where the body’s own immune system gets confused with the foreign infections and other forms of bodily entrants to the body’s own cells that causes massive problems for people and the best course of treatment is steroids that helps suppress the immune system for a while until it can recognise the foreign cells to the body’s own defences. Every hospital has steroids in their list, does that mean that the hospitals are setting a bad example to the outside world in a morally and ethically bad way? If the best steroid pharmacy were to put up a lawsuit against all the hospital pharmacies that sell and sue the doctors for prescribing the steroids to patients, what would the world become then? These drugs help people to overcome their illnesses and other diseases that would otherwise be impossible to diagnose and to treat. People with muscle atrophy and with muscle wasting due to long term disability or something of that form have had tremendous results when they were on steroids, does that mean they are morally and ethically wrong as well?


There is no safe drug in the world and even the regular aspirin when taken in huge amounts can cause death.

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