The Tip Of The Day From Pharmasimple: Dry Shampoo

This product allows to clean your hair without wetting it, it is a quick, practical and easy to use solution when pressed. Simply spray the dry shampoo on your scalp, leave it on for 5 minutes then wipe your hair with a towel to remove any white traces of the product and finally brush them. In just a few minutes, your hair regains its freshness, its lightness, its volume and its suppleness.

This dry shampoo contains a powder of starch of rice, oats or clay in order to absorb the dirt and / or sebum of the scalp as real sponges.

It will allow to spacing the shampoos if your hair is fat by absorbing the excess of sebum present, to replace a normal shampoo if the time is missing and to give volume to your hair between two shampoos.

It is suitable for the whole family (men, women and children).

So make your life easier .

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