The Danger Of Station And Their Attandant Side Effects

8 million French statins and their side effects … For nothing!

But has the dangers of the disastrous side effects of statins really been taken into account?

False advertising !

Turn on your TV and you will regularly see an ad for a certain cholesterol medication, but the pubs are changing but they have been for a few years already …

Most of the time it is a star (or ex-star) of the sport that boasts the merits of this or that magic remedy by always using the same formula:

“For millions of adults with high cholesterol, diet and exercise are not always enough, but by taking a (……) pill every day this can help lower your bad cholesterol 30% to 45% … So do not wait, talk to your doctor “

The statins , the famous cholesterol medicines, prescribed to all goes soon to nearly 8 million French are of no use (see: Diseases to sell ), hundreds of millions of euros related to these unnecessary prescriptions of drugs that make lowering cholesterol are thrown out the window ( or more precisely dumped into the coffers of the pharmaceutical labs )

Hundreds of millions of euros are wasted each year by the health insurance and the mutuals that reimburse this type of useless medicines.

Diabetes, sexuality, muscles, memory … Focus on the side effects of statins

Statins = muscle pain

However, in addition to their well-known and relatively frequent muscle toxicity, statins have silent, sneaky toxic effects and can cause  cancers , or serious nuisances in terms of quality of life, as they alter cognitive abilities, l ( depression for some, irritability for others ) and especially can ruin our sex life.

It is clearly demonstrated that statins severely disrupt the sex life of patients, increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction in men by six.

statins lower the production of testosterone and significantly disrupt sexuality. Indeed, when the testosterone level is weakened, erectile dysfunction appears, but also the disappearance of desire and sexual pleasure, in both men and women.

Statins also block the manufacture of important nutrients such as CoQ10 (a major disadvantage for health and heart ). The other main disadvantage of this class of drugs is muscle, with disabling pain … These frequent muscle aches with statin intake can be a sign that the body tissues are broken down, which can result in severe kidney damage .

Other side effects are related to statins, including liver problems, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache and a rash.

Other studies show that in high doses the adverse effects of statins result in an increased risk of developing diabetes. ( Drug side effects kill 18,000 people per year in France alone

So why these unnecessary prescriptions?

The normal cholesterol level, it has changed, yes you read well, it went from 2.60g / l to 2g / l, yes we had overestimated the normal rate, but the most important is that we had thus underestimating the number of users of cholesterol-lowering drugs, and consequently, the resulting income was seriously underestimated (in fact, they doubled). In France, statins bring more than one billion euros to the labs pharmaceuticals, $ 15 billion in the world.

If, a few years ago, we could hope to find a cure for each disease, health merchants, nowadays, seem to want to find a disease for each molecule manufactured. By manipulating influential members of the medical community, industrial lobbies have gradually changed the “standards” of certain biological values ​​(cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.) in order to increase the number of potential patients “likely to be treaties “.

Because to make believe in healthy people that they must take care for life, it is a true hen with the golden eggs, a life annuity for the manufacturers . And to make us believe this absurdity, they let us hear (with a lot of advertisements) that if we do not “heal ourselves” in prevention, we will die of cancer, we will be diminished by cardiovascular diseases, we will lose the head because of neurological degeneration … The main selling point of health merchants is simply fear!

The new jackpot of pharmaceutical laboratories

The great manipulation of cholesterol

“All wealth is a sick person who is ignorant”

This is what Knock says in the play of Jules Romains . In doing so, it sets the mark for a vision of health fully defined and handled by the physician. A vision made of diktats, warnings and disturbing threats. A terrorist vision, not a healing one. The pharmaceutical industry (with the addition of biological dosing equipment, heavy diagnostic machines, cosmetics, surgical instruments …) have made the motto of Jules Romains’ character the leitmotif, modifying it just one little: “Everything well is a potential consumer … on condition of making him believe that he is sick. “

An increase in the mortality of the population in the years to come can not be ruled out, given the massive use of statins in primary prevention and the extent of bad prescriptions. Especially when new statin side effects are seen regularly (this very important point goes beyond the scope of this article).

Concurrent studies on this point have been accumulating for several years without the AFSSAPS or the public authorities reacting, and despite the seriousness in terms of public health.

Some common misconceptions about cholesterol to be banned

  •  Cholesterol is absolutely not a deadly poison. It is an essential substance to the cells of all mammals. One should not talk about “good” or “bad” cholesterol (see: How to treat cholesterol naturally? ).
  • Stress, physical activity and weight changes can affect cholesterol levels. A high level of cholesterol is not dangerous per se; it can be a reflection of poor health, but it can also be quite benign.
  •  Too much cholesterol would cause atherosclerosis and therefore coronary heart disease. But many studies have shown that people with low cholesterol have as much atherosclerosis as those with high cholesterol.
  •  Your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat. You produce more cholesterol if you eat less, and you produce less cholesterol if you eat more. This is why the “Cretan” diet can only reduce cholesterol by a few hundredths.
  • Animal fat and cholesterol are factors that promote atherosclerosis or infarctions. More than twenty clinical studies have shown that people who have had an infarction had not consumed more fat than the others. The relationship between atherosclerosis and diet is not apparent at autopsy.
  • Only certain medicines effectively lower cholesterol , but whether we talk about cardiovascular mortality or total mortality, nothing has been improved with drugs that have the sole effect of lowering cholesterol. On the contrary, these drugs are very dangerous to your health and could reduce your life expectancy.
  • Most of these facts have been published in scientific journals and books for decades, but they are rarely relayed to the public by traditional mediators who for the most part receive money in exchange for advertising contracts market these products …
  •  Doctors, as well as most scientists have been misguided because negative or contradictory results are systematically ignored or misinterpreted.


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