Pedaling In Water To Remove Cellulite, The Latest Fitness Trend – The Aqua Bike

In the world of fitness, a new trend is becoming more and more popular. This type of workout combines two types of exercises that are already very effective separately but at the same time give you a perfect physical activity – water and bike. This new practice is called aqua bike, a new type of exercise in water that is increasingly being emulated by fitness enthusiasts who seek to take advantage of the multitude of health benefits of this activity. In this article we will look at the benefits of aqua bike, tell you what you need to know and evoke the reasons why you should try.

What is Aqua Bike?

The aqua bike was born in Italy, initially it was a physical exercise intended for sports rehabilitation. A physiotherapist discovered that pedaling underwater significantly helped athletes who had been injured in the knee. The technique of reeducation has subsequently experienced a phenomenal craze in the middle of fitness, because this activity allows to burn a lot of calories. Conventional stationary bikes are immersed in a pool of about 1 m 20. You have water up to the waist and you pedal against the natural resistance of the water, which creates a full body workout .

A good sport to lose weight: More Calories burned, Less Cellulite and less fat

Cycling under water can burn up to 800 calories in one hour. Practicing aqua bike also eliminates unsightly cellulite; pedaling under water creates a natural friction between the water and the skin. These movements create a massage action that helps to stimulate and drain the lymphatic system, which helps your body eliminate cellulite.

Relieves Articular Pain

The aqua bike offers the benefits of practicing exercises in water, especially for people who suffer from osteoporosis. First, practicing exercises in water greatly reduces the amount of weight that your joints have to bear. The buoyancy of your body in the water helps prevent injuries and falls. Not only does this activity improve the health of your cardiovascular system, but cycling in the water also helps to increase your muscle strength, strengthen your bones and improve your balance – without imposing undue stress on your joints and joints. bone. It is a workout for all types of physics, as you enjoy the zero gravity effect by being immersed in water.

If you like running or performing other high intensity exercises on the mainland, the aqua bike is a great workout to recover and allows your joints to make a wider range of movements than outside the body. water.

A Gentle, Calm and Effective Exercise

The practice of aqua bike is good to lose weight we have seen but has other benefits? You will not hurt everywhere the next day. A traditional bike session can cause muscle aches and aches the next day, while most people who do aqua bike do not feel any pain 24 hours later. Water has a soothing effect on the body, prevents micro-tears and trauma that usually occur in the muscle fibers and connective tissue when you train on dry land.

Aqua bike lovers also appreciate the relaxed and quiet surroundings of the courses. Everyone pedals at their own pace, it changes fitness classes in a room overheated with music at the bottom and a teacher overexcited. The first New York aqua bike studio has dim lighting to create a “candlelight” atmosphere to encourage practitioners smoothly, the New York Times reports.


The temperature is also very pleasant. By pedaling, the temperature of your body increases and the refreshing water of the pool helps to regulate the temperature of your body and to avoid the overheating.

The aqua bike also offers benefits after your session. By pedaling under water, you will increase your blood flow, improve your circulation and your breathing capacity. The aqua bike dynamizes and regenerates the body. Practitioners enjoy a quiet and quiet environment, which reduces stress, relaxes muscles and promotes sleep.

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