How The Change In My Diet Changed My Life

How The Change In My Diet Changed My Life

Guest article proposed by Charles. Almost two years ago, I had eczema all over my body , neck, and skull, so much so that I could hardly turn my head. As a bonus, I also did what is called a gout attack! This is an excess of uric acid that lodges somewhere on your body. Generally in a joint. It […]

To Cure Cholesterol It Must Already Be Understood

To Cure Cholesterol It Must Already Be Understood

Cholesterol is a white fatty substance found naturally in the body to 75%, the remaining quarter from our diet (products of animal origin, deli meats, fatty meats, cheeses, butter, eggs …). It is essential for the optimal functioning of the cell walls. Our body also uses it to make vital chemicals such as vitamin D and certain […]

Dry Shampoo

The Tip Of The Day From Pharmasimple: Dry Shampoo

This product allows to clean your hair without wetting it, it is a quick, practical and easy to use solution when pressed. Simply spray the dry shampoo on your scalp, leave it on for 5 minutes then wipe your hair with a towel to remove any white traces of the product and finally brush them. In just a few […]

Hair Loss

All About Hair Loss

Hair loss remains a major concern for a lot of people. It is essential to understand the causes well in order to achieve the best treatment. The main cause of hair loss is the heritable hormonal factor that will disrupt hair growth and decrease the regrowth until the follicle is exhausted. Emotional shock or severe stress […]

Hair loss is a very normal phenomenon, but it becomes problematic when the hair loss is high

Why Use Neogenic From Vichy?

Hair loss is a very normal phenomenon, but it becomes problematic when the hair loss is high (> 100 per day), thus showing more and more visible parts of the scalp. Here are the main causes that can cause this fall: Genetic inheritance Nutrition Some diseases Delivery Significant weight loss in a short time Iron deficiency […]

Hunt For Beautiful Skin

Bad Habits To Hunt For Beautiful Skin

Who has never dreamed of having a clean and healthy skin? We all seek to have a soft and radiant skin. But do we really do all we can for that? Are we really taking the right steps to age beautifully? Nothing like a red button in the middle of the face to spoil a day. Sometimes the smallest […]

The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide To UVA, UVB And SPF

At twenty, having a perfect tan may seem like a great idea, but with age , perfect tanning and unprotected sun exposure can do big damage to the skin. It’s up to us to learn how to take care of it every day to maintain a radiant complexion and toned skin over the years. To protect your body […]

A Tan Skin

How To Make A Tan Skin?

Who says been said often skin tanned , has minima for the face. But that is not to say that you will stop to make up makeup . Now a bronzed skin does not make up makeup in the same way as the rest of the year! The products to be stored in the closet If it can be your beauty ally the rest […]

Herbalife Tips for Weight Loss

Herbalife Tips for Weight Loss

Is it possible to lose weight easily? Herbalife answers that yes, losing weight without losing the head is indeed possible! The key to success, we will never cease to repeat: a healthy lifestyle. Let’s discover together some simple tips, but so effective to lose weight. Fruits, Vegetables, Protein and Starch Here are 4 words that perfectly rhyme with eating well and weight […]

Lifted From The Ground To The Bar

Lifted From The Ground To The Bar

Presentation of the exercise for the thighs Type: Strength Major muscles: Hamstrings, buttocks, lower back Muscles secondary: Quadriceps, calves, trapeziums Material: Bar Level: Beginner Photos of the earth lifter Description of the exercise to muscle the back of the thighs Standing, foot apart from the width of the pelvis. Inspire by leaning forward with your […]