Lympohme And Cancer A Natural Treatment For Healing With And Without Chemo

How to treat any kind of cancer naturally and if necessary, to counter the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Lymphoma is a term for cancers of the lymphatic system (lymph node cancer), also known as Hodgkin’s disease or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). Without being hypocritical it can be said that it is a cancer of the lymphatic and immune system.
Since there are about 60 types of lymphoma and many different cancers, we will look together how to “fight * ” (although I do not like that term) the general way of cancer and its deadly chemical treatments validated by health industry.
* “Fight” is an inappropriate term, if you want to cure your cancer (or any other disease) you must first “work with” him and not “against” him …

Fear of cancer

The word cancer is still scary, it makes sense because with the chemical treatments of current allopathic medicine your chances of remissionhealing are going to be about 5% over 5 years … So with such low statistics how do you not want to be afraid of this disease? I am not going to criticize the chemotherapy or other chemical treatments of cancer, to the disastrous side effects and sold at astronomical prices by the mafia labs, no, I have already done on other articles, to you to delve into this blog if the heart tells you.

Now it is your case that is important , and your cancer, so if you have decided (or have imposed) chemo sessions to treat your cancer, or if you are looking for alternative treatment or complementary therapies, this article, and the one that follows, are for you, they will also cheer you up against this disease that is not as serious as you would like to believe.

What is cancer?

In summary, and to make it as simple as possible, your body accumulates more toxins than it can evacuate through the natural pathways, and as your body is smart, instead of getting completely intoxicated, it will store this surplus toxins in an organ (or a family of organs) that it considers to be weakened, it is a sort of “sacrifice”, the organism prefers to “sacrifice” an organ rather than die, life and will fight to the end. From there, it’s quite simple to understand how to treat cancer, right?
Come on, I will give you some ideas to study , it may seem a bit constraining, but if you have not yet undergone chemo, this natural treatment against cancer is laughing, those who have already undergone sessions of chemo and their processions of side effects will understand what I’m talking about

Duration of treatment

This treatment will be put in place with or without chemo, if you are already in chemotherapy, it will have to be put in place before, during and after your sessions , it is not a “miracle” treatment but it will simply allow you to find your faculties quickly and avoid a relapse, I strongly encourage you to respect this protocol and to set it up today to put all the chances on your side.

This protocol and to follow for at least 30 days at first , after your 30 days your blood tests should reveal some good news that should encourage your cancerologist to stop (or reduce) your chemo sessions … Then, will have to adapt this basic treatment according to your various analyzes and continue a natural protocol for a few months more …

For those who decide to follow this treatment and have a personalized follow-up, thank you to contact us on: the modifications can be made according to your personal case, but we will leave on this based.

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