Lifted From The Ground To The Bar

Presentation of the exercise for the thighs

Type: Strength
Major muscles: Hamstrings, buttocks, lower back
Muscles secondary: Quadriceps, calves, trapeziums
Material: Bar
Level: Beginner

Photos of the earth lifterPte-muscle-butt-thigh

Description of the exercise to muscle the back of the thighs

Standing, foot apart from the width of the pelvis.

  1. Inspire by leaning forward with your back straight and your legs bent
  2. Exhale by straightening yourself, making sure to keep your back straight. At the end of movement your legs and arms should be stretched and your shoulder blades together

Note : This weight training exercise solicits the entire posterior loch of the hamstrings to the lower back through the buttocks. There is a variant of raised earth taut legs that does more work the ischios.

  1. Standing, a weight in each hand. The feet are separated from the width of the pelvis. Tips to the outside. The back is slightly cambered.
  2. Inspire by flexing the legs so that the thighs are parallel to the ground. The knees move slightly outward.

Note  : To avoid back pain, keep the back slightly arched and the abdominals contracted during the entire exercise period

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