Kratom Extracts, Their Dosage And Benefits

You just have found your friend using kratom strains and after evaluating everything about kratom consumption and its beneficial effects, you want to start consuming it. Of course, kratom strains do have some sound health benefits and according to researchers conducted till now, no hazardous side effects found from consuming kratom. However, it is not the end of the story. You need to ensure that you use kratom responsibly to avoid some troubling side effects such as fall out, dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea and vomiting.

What is kratom:

Dark, glossy green kratom leaves are generally found in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar. The local population has used kratom leaves since ages to get relief from mild body pains and to boost energy levels. However, in modern times, kratom are generally found in different kratom strains like kratom extract powder, kratom capsules and other forms. The effects are similar and depend on the single dosage taken by a user. For medicinal purposes, dark green colored kratom leaves are converted into extracts to be used by the users.

Kratom Tinctures:

Kratom Tinctures are popular stimulating products made of kratom and other ingredients like Vinegar, glycerol and ether propylene. It works similar to caffeine like stimulant when taken in a small dosage. You must have seen your friends who have recently quit consuming opium, using such kratom Tincture. It really works best to avoid drug cravings and treats insomnia.

Kratom extracts:

Kratom extracts are available on the internet and also, you can find them at any head shops dealing with kratom products. These extracts treat depression and anxiety, mild body pain and elevate mood instantly. Also, when taken in a high dose, these kratom extracts offer sedative effects to the users. By keeping a body and mind in sync, it increases your stamina, energy levels and lowers the blood pressure.

Furthermore, according to kratom users, a regular responsible kratom consumption might boost your immune system too.


One thing that kratom users agree upon is a right dosage of kratom. They actually insist it. If you have taken a high dosage of kratom powder or capsules, you might feel effects like nausea, vomiting, dizziness and open eye visualization, inactivity and other health issues. The best way is to start slowly and gradually increasing your intake after monitoring effects.


There is a problem with teens. As kratom extracts are easily available online and at head shops, teens are using it as an alternative to drugs due to its sound elevating properties similar to drug effects. It is the reason kratom products are banned in countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia where they actually produced.

There are many online forums and discussion threads available if you are looking for an expert advice. These kratom users are genuine and they can guide you about the actual dosage. Also, most of the online kratom suppliers come up with usage guidelines and regulations to be fair and transparent to the kratom beginners. You can visit them and ensure that you are not starting with the high dosage.

Furthermore, you can also buy a kratom plant available at many websites. You can grow it in your home and use it. However, it is a tiresome process and requires care from you. Buying kratom online offers many advantages. You will get high-quality kratom online and that too at best prices in the market.


Whether you buy kratom extract powder or capsules online or offline, using it responsibly is the main thing. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it to have best effects as per the experts.

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