Kickstart your weight loss without any surgery using the Elipse balloon procedure

Without any question, diet and nutrition change is the first step followed in any weight loss program. These are designed to cut your daily calorie intake, without compromising your basic nutritional needs. The second important step is exercise as, without a proper workout regimen, the diet and nutrition change would be futile. But for some people, even a well-designed weight loss plan doesn’t work. Although bariatric surgeries have been successful those surgical procedures are not meant for everyone who wants to lose weight. Some are also scared of going under the knife to get rid of the excess weight. Well, the good news is that you can now be treated for weight loss without surgery in Dubai.

The popularity of Elipse Balloon Procedure

The endoscopic gastric balloons have been used for over a decade as the most effective weight loss treatment. But since there is a requirement for endoscopy and sedation in the procedure, it poses several limitations. To avoid those restraints, a procedure less gastric balloon called Elipse has been developed by scientists.

This is a nonsurgical weight loss treatment, the main aim of which is to reduce your hunger, so that you eat less and shed weight. Being an easy, safe, incision-less and an effective weight loss treatment, the Elipse balloon in Dubai, is becoming astoundingly popular.

In this weight loss treatment option, the Elipse balloon is directly swallowed like a pill, which is attached to a long thin tube. As soon as the pill reaches the stomach and is correctly placed, it is filled with a water solution through the thin tube, which is removed after filling the balloon. Unlike surgical methods, this procedure is temporary where the balloon empties after a period of 4 months and passes away naturally, without having to be removed.

How does it work?

It takes about 15-20 minutes to fit in the Elipse balloon in your stomach. It comes in the form of a pill or capsule, which needs to be swallowed with water. A quick x-ray will tell your doctor that the balloon has reached in proper position your stomach. Once it does, it is filled with a fluid (generally a saline water solution) by the long thin tube attached to the capsule. After the balloon is inflated with the fluid, the tube is also gently taken away.

After the treatment, you may suffer from nausea. You might even feel discomfort for a week after the procedure. Several medications will be given to you to make you feel comfortable after the procedure.

What to eat?

You will be asked to take a liquid diet for the next three to four days after undertaking the Elipse procedure. You can shift to eating solid foods if you feel comfortable. The Elipse balloon placed inside your stomach will take up a good capacity of your stomach and hence you would feel fuller soon. This will allow you to eat smaller portions. Your doctor would also advise you to eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid junk to get optimal results.

Removing the Elipse Balloon

The best part of this balloon  is that there is  no need for hospital visits after getting the Elipse Balloon for removal . It gets removed itself naturally from your body after 16 weeks of time.

Benefits of Elipse Balloon

  • The treatment lasts for a period of 15 -20 minutes. You just have to swallow the pill with water. Your doctor would take a couple of x-rays to fill up the balloon with fluid.
  • It is an outpatient procedure .
  • You can typically lose from 20% to 50% of your excess weight.
  • You will notice an improvement in your diabetes, cholesterol level, and blood pressure.
  • It requires frequent hospital visits.
  • No need for endoscopy or anesthesia.

So, if you are thinking to go with a weight loss treatment, then Elipse balloon procedure can be a perfect and pain-free choice for losing weight.

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