Key Difference Between A Clinic And A Hospital

Almost all the people in the world for sure have experienced to visit a clinic once in their lifetime. Clinic is the primary medical facility that a person who has a medical condition or illness visits to consult a doctor for treatment. Most people who are brought to the clinics often suffer from minor ailments or suffers injuries or wounds and other circumstances that needs immediate medical attention.

The clinic is an outpatient medical facility or an ambulatory care clinic where it mainly focuses on the care of outpatients which can either be run and funded by the government or from a private medical institution to serve a community. Clinics offer clinical service such as first aid, consultation and other medical practices that doesn’t need extensive medical attention but there are instances that people who are figured in accidents and other serious ailments are brought to a clinic if it is the only medical facility available in a certain community. Unfortunately, not all areas in the world have hospitals that is easily accessed that is why a lot of people rush to the clinic first before they are brought to the hospital.

Clinic serves the community by providing the primary healthcare needs in contrast to the much larger hospital facilities that offers an extensive medical care and specialized treatments that can accommodate large number of patients and has different medical departments to address the different types of illnesses and conditions of its patients.

In general, clinics are run by medical professionals who practices general medical care while others specialize in other medical fields such as physical therapy, physiotherapists and psychology to name a few.  Clinics are usually situated in the city center or the main area of a town but there are also clinics that operates in the doctor’s house.

In this article that I made, i will discuss the difference between a clinic and a hospital to provide you a clearer explanation between these two medical facilities.

The key difference between a hospital and a clinic is that the latter can be run by a private sector or publicly run by the government where people who suffers from illnesses can be admitted for treatment depending on the days of the medication until they get well while the clinic is a hub where health care is available for patients who want consultation, small medical procedures and other forms of minor medical care which is very easy to differentiate and identify these two medical facilities.

Hospitals are usually run by a health care organization while the clinic may be one of the smaller branch or satellite facility of the entire health care organization which is usually located in the suburban and rural areas while other hospitals have a medical arts center where most of the clinics from different medical specialists have put their offices in. A medical arts facility’s purpose is to provide convenience to the patients to visit their respective doctors specializing in different medical fields. Each floor or level of a medical arts center has different types of doctors who specializes in different kind of medical fields.

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