Is Winstrol- Stanozolol 10 mg effective?

Versatility is the word used with Winstrol because it can be used during cutting cycle as well as bulking cycle and also because it is safe both for men and women alike. It is a variant of dihydrotestosterone steroid. It increases stamina and that is why it is a common steroid used by athletes. helps us to know all about Winstrol/ Stanozolol 10mg.

Plus points-Stanozolol helps in reducing body fat and it preserves muscle mass. It also helps in increasing flexibility, nitrogen retention, testosterone levels and it helps the body to recover faster from injuries. It improves glycogen retention, protein synthesis. Winstrol is considered as one of the safest steroids for women.

Side effects- The side effects of Stanozolol are minimal when compared to other steroids. Aromatization, gynecomastia for men, liver problems, blood pressure, acne, baldness, virilization in women, hormonal imbalance and reduced libido to name a few.

To reduce the side effects, one needs to consult a general practitioner before starting the Winstrol cycle. While you are taking Winstrol, you need to drink lots of water to avoid water retention. You should also avoid taking alcohol, anticoagulant medications, and avoid yourself from overdosing yourself with Winstrol. One should also be careful while buying Winstrol, lest you end up buying fake product and it will increase the chances of side effects by leaps and bounds. The Winstrol cycle should not exceed more than six to eight weeks. Men should take the Post Cycle Therapy after each Winstrol cycle is over. This should be done to boost the body to produce testosterone naturally.Women need to skip the PCT since there is no role of testosterone in their bodies. There should be a gap of six to eight weeks before embarking on the next Winstrol cycle. Diabetic patients, heart patients and pregnant women should not take Winstrol or Stanozolol.

Dosage- Winstrol is available in tablet form and injectible form. The tablet form has shorter life than the injectibles. The recommended dosage is 5 mg- 10 mg for women and 35 mg- 75 mg for men daily.The daily dose can be divided into smaller quantities to be eaten on the same day. This ensures the steady flow of steroid in the body throughout the day. Results are visible from as early as two weeks. Stanozolol is stacked with other steroids such as Testosterone, Anavar, Primobolan Depot and Nolvadex for better results.

Comparison- Anavar and Winstrol have many common properties. Both are used as cutting phase and both are safe even for women. Winstrol is more androgenic and anabolic steroid than Anavar and that is why it has more side effects. Anavar and Winstrol can be stacked together to get a leaner body in a shorter time. A six to ten weeks cycle will be ideal. 50 mg of Winstrol can be stacked with 50 mg of Anavar daily. Liver supplements are a must since there is a chance of liver damage. Other side effects can be blood pressure and low levels of testosterone in the body.

Exercise and diet play an equally important role while taking steroid cycles. Eating a lean protein diet and doing cardio exercises helps in reducing the side effects of the steroid. Sticking to the right dosage of Winstrol also helps to reduce the side effects to a large extent.

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