How To Weaken Your Immune System And Become Sick

Immune weakness, immunosuppression and immunodeficiency are the financial breasts of the labs

Tell me how to be sick and I will tell you how to avoid being there. Here are some tips to get sick.

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Question for a neuneu: Which organ or system allows us to stay healthy?

Heuuuu … The immune system? …. Yes, it’s won, bravo, you won a curtain rod ….

Come on, let’s be serious, our immune system is our best defense system against diseases, it’s a network that organize to defend our bodies against external aggressions: It fights bacteria and viruses, attacks mushrooms, kills parasites and tumor cells.
The organism is daily attacked by pathogens. Our immune system works tirelessly so that all these agents can not proliferate. He has several weapons at his disposal; It eliminates the aggressor through blood via the white blood cells, or it eats the intruder (phagocytosis), or it produces different defense substances like enzymes, cytokines, or antimicrobial peptides …
If your immune system is deficient, you will go through the stage of immunosuppression, it is a stage where we will not be “still” sick, but simply exposed to diseases, and as the expression “We’re going to catch all the shit that’s gone . 

What causes the weakening of the immune system?

The first thing that will start this fabulous defense system, even though it is not yet finished, is vaccination, for the simple reason that we will introduce “voluntarily” toxic and dangerous substances in an organism that is developing its defense system, therefore this system is deceived by these external elements contained in a vaccine, vaccine that besides violates the biological laws of the human .
For info, the immune system of the human being matured around the age of 7 years. To summarize, a vaccine will interact in the human organism as well as for the running-in of a car, if you push your car thoroughly on the highway from the first kms you expose yourself, sooner than expected, to mechanical problems.
The second thing that will weaken your defense system are the various deficiencies in essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals …) To be deficient, nothing is easier, you just need to feed regularly with industrial food without these elements . In addition to being devoid of good things, this food will also bring you a lot of toxins ( pesticides , additives , GMO …) When you see how the majority of teens feed today , it’s easy to understand why some young adults prematurely develop so-called “old” diseases.
If you are not yet sick towards your 25th birthday , do some excess alcohol, tobacco and / or other drugs and buy the latest laptop or fashionable tablet that will bring you some good waves to your brain and other cells.

If around 35/40 years old you still have not declared disease with this type of diet it is that you are tough, and the pharma industry does not like people who resist. So a good advice not to disappoint these people in the industry, test a little more sedentary, do no more physical activity, increase your consumption of sugar, salt, fat …. And TV, in order to take a dozen kilos and then take a checkup of health in your doctor, it would be really bizarre that at this stage your brave doctor does not prescribe some medoc for your excessive rate of diabetes or cholesterol .

And it is gained, at this stage you are ill, bravo, and your days are counted, counted not for your death (we will all pass) no, counted for your cancer, because yes, you are in the rising phase a superb cancer of the pancreas, colon, prostate or anywhere else, it is at this point in your earthly life that your doctor will start offering you this or that screening. Owl, ear, ear … Barely fifty and already a cancer, then damn, but let’s console ourselves, medicine has made tremendous progress in this type of disease, you now have a 5% chance of getting yourself “alive” after a few months of chemo… Ah, ah, ah, Âbracadabra … Magic! And if you do not have cancer at 60, it does not matter, do not worry because the flu vaccine with a few benzodiazepines (antidepressants and other sleeping pills) are available to help you.


We have just seen in a humorous way, how to get sick every time. It is humor, black, certainly, I attest and I apologize in advance for people who are already sick or have lost a loved one because of the disease. But if you add to all this; bad sleep, permanent and persistent stress and high exposure to various pollutions, you may well be doing “YOUR” cancer before quarantine ..

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