How to make homemade peanut butter

The peanut butter or peanut is one of the most used in America but, increasingly, are more European countries began to prepare our recipes with this delicious ingredient that gives a more creamy and sweet touch to our dishes. This butter is often used to prepare sandwiches or to make delicious homemade cookies and, normally, you can find it in any supermarket. But if you want to start learning how to make them yourself at home.


  • 300 grams of peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil
  • Half a spoonful of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (optional)
  • a pinch of salt

Steps to follow to make this recipe:

1. We begin to tell you how to make peanut butter in your own home. The first thing you need to know is that you will have to wash the peanuts that you are going to use properly in order to remove any dirt that may have been impregnated in the dried fruit. To do this, wash them well under cold water removing, first, the husks because we will need the fruit that is inside, not the husks.

2. Once we have the peanuts peeled and clean, we will start to roast it , in case you have not bought them already roasted. For this it will be enough to preheat the oven to a temperature of 180 degrees and then pour a little bit of sunflower oil and introduce the peanuts in a baking tray making sure that the peanuts are not piled up but form a solid base, only then will they roast properly.

Let them cook for about 10 minutes or until you see that they are brown, this will be the indicator that will reveal that you are ready to continue with our peanut butter recipe.

3. However, the previous step is totally optional because, if you want to go faster with this recipe, it will be enough to buy the roasted peanuts and, thus, you will avoid having to cook them in the oven. There is also the option of not roasting the peanut and take it directly in its natural presentation, if you choose this other way you will get the butter to be softer.

4.Once we have the nuts ready, we will have to place them in a glass suitable for liquefying and crushing them until we obtain a mixture that is almost powder. For this you will have to devote at least 5 minutes to this procedure that will get to prepare the ideal texture for our recipe of peanut butter.

When they are ready, add a splash of sunflower oil to make the texture creamier. Re-liquefy again and you will get to mix both foods obtaining a perfect paste to be able to cook our butter.

5.Now you will have to add a pinch of sugar and salt to get a more intense and delicious flavor. We recommend, also, that you add a pinch of honey to sweeten the flavor and make the peanut butter we prepare delicious. Mix them in the previous glass and re-liquefy the food so that all the flavors are integrated perfectly and you get a completely homogeneous mixture.

6.Once you have finished with the previous step, you will have to introduce the peanut butter that we have prepared in a glass container and that can be closed hermetically. Then, to finish with the recipe, we will only have to keep the bottle in the fridge for 2 days to get the consistency that we expect from this butter.

And that’s it! You will have learned how to make peanut butter in a very simple and homemade way, getting a food that will last up to 2 weeks. Take advantage!

7.As we have said, peanut butter is a product that is used a lot in American countries and that, now, also begins to be used extensively in our kitchens. But with what recipes do you use peanut butter?

Below we will give you some ideas that will help you make the most of this product that you have prepared at home and that will delight both children and parents:

  • Sandwiches: As we have said, one of the most traditional uses of this butter is to spread on bread and enjoy a sweet and delicious snack. Just like we do when we prepare a sandwich with chocolate cream, peanuts are ideal to satisfy your sweet desires in a healthier way.
  • Cake Bases: Another way to take advantage of peanut butter in your recipes is to spread your homemade sponge cakes. This will give you a sweet and tasty touch to your desserts.
  • Homemade cookies: you can also incorporate this butter in your cookies to boost the sweetest flavor and avoid always using chocolate. It’s a delicious way to cook a tasty sweet for your family.

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