How To Make A Tan Skin?

Who says been said often skin tanned , has minima for the face. But that is not to say that you will stop to make up makeup . Now a bronzed skin does not make up makeup in the same way as the rest of the year!

The products to be stored in the closet

If it can be your beauty ally the rest of the year, the foundation is deprecated (as well as the tinted creams), it will no longer provide good-looking effect. Indeed, the foundation could run into the sun , and tanning should hide your skin imperfections. Not to mention that its color no longer matches your complexion!

Similarly, the anticorne must be adapted to your new complexion (and be always clearer than your complexion ): it is not possible to use the same as the rest of the year.

The lipstick may be too heavy on a tanned face.

Highlight your tan

To sublimate your tan , opt for the compact powder or sun powder (rather, that is, foundation) that smooths the skin and makes the complexion even. Unlike the anticerne, this cosmetic must be slightly darker than the color of your skin (the tendency is thus to turn to chocolate or amber colors). Applied to the parts of your face that have the most tan, sun powder will beautify you!

To highlight your eyes , choose different shades of eye shadow from the rest of the year, turning to more daring and warm colors (coppery or pink for example). A mascara will help to enhance your eyes. Just be careful to choose waterproof!

For the lips, if your lipstick does not harmonize with your tanned face, opt for the gloss that will make your lips shiny. As for the lipsticks, there is a great choice of colors, treat yourself and put peps on your lips (fishing, coral …)!

Do not neglect hydration

We can not stress enough on this point (even if it does not directly concern the make-up): hydrate the skin of your face (for example with the Herbalife Skin Moisturizer)  ! It is essential to keep your skin healthy and to maintain a beautiful appearance before you even begin to wear makeup.

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