How The Change In My Diet Changed My Life

Guest article proposed by Charles. Almost two years ago, I had eczema all over my body , neck, and skull, so much so that I could hardly turn my head.

As a bonus, I also did what is called a gout attack!

This is an excess of uric acid that lodges somewhere on your body. Generally in a joint.

It is something that happens around the age of 60, and it happened to me at 27 years old. 2 days before leaving to exhale 5 000 km from my home.

A way of life totally neglected for a few months …

I had completely forsaken my lifestyle for a few months, and it reminded me to order: always pay attention to his health.

This is how you will have energy to accomplish your projects. The disease never entails good conditions, so as to make sure to stay healthy thanks to good hygiene.

So I had to go back to zero, and I said that I was already paying attention to my diet, but it was not enough, and at that time I was not paying attention at all.

The excess of uric acid lodged in my elbow. It is extremely painful. This prevented me from bending my elbow for several days.

But from the moment I resumed my diet, everything improved.

5 months and my skin is totally soft again

It took me in all and for all 5 months to totally get rid of my eczema. More or less 3 weeks for the gout crisis. I decided at that time to share my experience on my blog

What you need to know is that the disease is not bad. It is a reminder that the body is functioning badly . That there is a failure. Like a light on a dashboard.

Nowadays we have more and more chronic diseases : allergies explode literally, eczema also, sinusitis and everything that ends up “chronic”, and we are increasingly tired.

And I’m not talking about more serious diseases like cancers, MS, and c …

Because we accumulate toxins. And although your body is fully designed to flush out those toxins out of it, if you put too much into the machine, it ends up being completely overwhelmed. That is exactly what happens.

It’s time to act ! And to leave to our organism the time, and the energy to evacuate all these acids.

The stages of my healing

The first step I have (re) putting in place is to no longer consume animal products : no dairy products, no meats, no more fish, only a few eggs (preferably very little cooked to retain the benefits).

The meat in particular is very acidifying , that is to say it renders the acid body whereas it is supposed to be neutral. And all chronic diseases come from acid ground.

But dairy products are also stuffed with growth hormones, casein (milk protein, also very acidifying), and bad fats. Avoid as much as possible.

Then I also avoided the cereals. All cereals. At this time I still consume gluten-free cereals that I try to soak (even germinate) before consuming them. But at that moment, I was not consuming it at all.

Then I also avoided legumes : lentils, chickpeas, etc … which are also very acidifying. Again, I use them now, but I soak them.

Legumes contain so-called anti-nutrients, which prevent the absorption of nutrients that are eaten at the same time. By soaking, these anti-nutrients are removed, and digestion is easier.

Obviously, I also stopped any alcohol consumption . I was drinking vegetable juice when I went out.

My new diet (-7kg)

So my diet consisted of:

  • vegetables of all kinds: broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, leeks, sweet potatoes, salads, cabbage of all kinds, etc …
  • fruits: apples, pears, olives, avocados, pineapples, bananas, coco … etc
  • nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamia, brazil nuts, etc.
  • berries: cranberries … etc
  • algae: mainly nori
  • some eggs

In a few moments, I lost 7 kg, and I regained my health.

I also took up the sport more intensely. Sweating allows the toxins to be evacuated through the skin.

But that’s not all I’ve done, I’ve also tried to better manage my stress through a compound of plants and a daily meditation.

Help you with a good detox

Then I also started a detox-based blisters that was very beneficial. The blisters helped me clean my liver, and I also made limewood sapwood infusions to help my kidneys.

All these reflexes helped me regain my health. In 5 months, my eczema had completely disappeared, but in reality , after a few weeks, I was already almost cured and more annoyed by it.

You must know that I was at a point where I woke up at night so it was itching, and that in the morning my first reflex was to go and put on emollient cream.

It’s not smart, but it can really ruin a life. Especially certain types of eczema such as dyshidrosis .

If you have a chronic illness, fatigue, or the slightest symptom, be aware that this is not “normal” and your body is trying to communicate something to you.

Even if it sounds benign, and happens, something happens. You can change that!

Good luck !

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