Home remedies to cure menstrual cramps

Menstrual pain is the worst kind of pain a female has to go through every month. Moreover, there is no alternative except bearing the pain for few days and letting it pass. Menstrual pain is more painful for females entering adolescence because during that time a female has to go through many hormonal changes. It is proved by the scientists that during the first four years after hitting the puberty the menstrual cramps are more painful and then become mildly painful. These days are difficult for every woman and particularly when it is painful. Usually, females go for the painkillers, but they cause some side effects, and hence those who do not prefer to have such side effects can go for the home remedies. They are the options tested over the period and known for the results which lead to the relief during these days also.

Home remedies to cure menstrual cramps

There are a few natural remedies mentioned below to prevent menstrual pain.

Hot Bath Massage

It is recommended to massage the area which is paining with the help of a hot water bag. Massaging stimulates the blood flow in theuterusand turn decrements the painful effect of chemicals which cause menstrual pain. One can also massage with oils which have heating effects. One can also drink herbal tea or soup to prevent menstrual pain. They take time to offer the expected results, but one must keep it on for a few weeks to a few months also.

Cold Packs

Many women prefer using a cold pack to reduce the painful effect of menstrual cramp. A cold pack can be prepared by putting some ice in azipped plastic bag and wrapping it up in a towel. This cold pack has to be put on theabdomen for 20-22 minutes.


It is well known that exercises for relaxation can calm any type of pain such is also the case with menstrual pain. Mostly preferred exercises are walking and swimming, both of these improve blood flow in thepelvic region. Swimming releases endorphin which is a natural painkiller secreted by the body. Another exercise requires one to lie on a flat floor, or a bed on her back with her knees bent and feet on the floor in flat position. The stomach has to be lifted up and down without moving any other body part. One should take short breaths in between to get relief.

Sesame seeds

One of the most employed natural remedy to get relief from menstrual pain is sesame seeds. Sesame seeds help in stimulating the blood flow, they also reduce the chances of cramps during themenstrual cycle. One is advised to regularly consume sesame seeds three or four days before the beginning of a menstrual cycle.


Ginger is hailed as the most effective remedy to cure menstrual pain and has aninstant effect. Ginger can be consumed by drinking ginger tea. One needs to boil the mashed ginger in a bowl full of water; some people prefer to add honey as a sweetening agent. It should be consumed after eating food thrice a day to prevent menstrual cramps.

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