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HealthMint Medical Centre has been providing the best care to its patients for a long time now. They are the best in Cranbourne North. Dealing with patients who are suffering from anxiety and depression can be challenging. This is the reason why you need a healthcare professional to take care of these issues.

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Finding the best doctor in cranbourne who can help is easy. But finding the best who can provide you with world-class healthcare service, HealthMint should be your choice. You don’t need to look further. There’s no other place but HealthMint Medical Centre.

How to Make an Appointment

The center is open anytime but you also need to book an appointment. You don’t need to call, you can book a visit to their website or it can also be done through their mobile app. Remember that HealthMint runs on an appointment based schedule. This will allow for them to provide each patient with their individual needs.

Fees and Payment Information   

The HealthMint Medical Centre charges a $15 gap fee for any Medicare-enrolled patients, as long as they are under 16 years old and they have a valid Health Care card or a Pension Concession card. Any patient other than this criteria will be charged $30 gap fee.

Some of the Services Offered

Aside from dealing with anxiety and depression, HealthMint also offers different services. Here is a list of the appointments that you can set with them. This is just some of the best services that HealthMint can offer.

  • Mental Health. According to statistics, 1 out of 3 Australians experiences stress, anxiety, and depression all throughout their lifetime. Starting to get help can improve your situation. The difficulty in our lives should not hinder us from living normally.
  • Children’s Care. Parents want to make sure that their children are healthy and in great shape. HealthMint can help make a family build an ongoing healthcare relationship even when they are still young.
  • Women’s Health. HealMint always encourages women not to take their health for granted. Women have a rising health needs and HealthMint would be able to help you with these.
  • Family Planning and pregnancy. Family planning is important. HealthMint facilitates pregnancy planning and testing, the antenatal care and also 6-week postnatal checkups.
  • Men’s Health. Men should pay attention to their health too. HealthMint offers prostate checks, 40 to 49 years check and also 75 years check. Remember that men have higher risks when it comes to health problems so it is better to prevent it sooner before it happens.
  • Minor Surgeries. HealthMint caters to minor surgeries like suturing, skin biopsies, joint injections, incisions and drainage, ingrown toenails, and so much more. Aside from emergencies, it is important to talk with your general practitioner first if you want to undergo a certain procedure.

Experience an effective approach to healthcare with HealthMint. The center has been serving Australian patients for a while now so they know what you need. Never take your health for granted. Whatever you need, HealthMint has a solution for you.

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