Food To Be Prefeerd In The Practice Of The Sports

Guest article proposed by  Indoor45 . If you are a beginner or confirmed athlete, you have surely already asked yourself the question of diet in the sportsman.
There is a regular emphasis on water and its benefits to make up for the losses due to intense and repeated efforts such as indoor football, basketball, tennis, athletics and other sports. But what about food? Which ones are good for the performance or on the contrary those that must absolutely be banished from their habits? With the return of the sun, heat and the first days of summer, what are the foods to be preferred if we want our training sessions to be as intense and effective as possible?

Attention to diets too poor or too rich

First, it should be noted that poor nutrition can have a serious impact on the athlete’s health and training. First of all, if you do not eat enough, you may run out of energy and stamina if you are doing a particular endurance sport (running, cycling, swimming, …). You will be faster on your reserves and you will have to shorten your training due to lack of fuel. Diet too high in sugars (fast carbohydrates) and too low in protein could also impair your performance. Thus, a diet rich in sugars risks playing on your weight and your tonicity. Just as a diet devoid of protein will lead you to muscle wasting and decreasing power.

Discover beneficial foods for your body

It is therefore necessary to measure its carbohydrate and protein intake in particular. It is a catch phrase that has been heard for years: “eat carbohydrates before the effort to hold”. However, this advice is usually the right one. Indeed, if you do not swallow enough during pre-workout meals, you will naturally lack gasoline later. It is pure logic. Be careful not to eat pasta or rice too often and especially at night. If you do not plan to train during the day, avoid surplus complex carbohydrates, your body will be happy to store it as fat in case of future shortage. Then, proteins are the number one ally of muscle fibers. Bodybuilding enthusiasts will tell you, no maintenance or muscle mass is achieved without sufficient intake. Be careful, however, not to consume food that will be very rich in protein but also in fat (fat) and prefer lean protein (poultry, fish, legumes).

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