Different Types of Walkers and Accessories You Can Buy

There are various types of walking aids available in the market for people with injury, disability, or stability issues. There are canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and much more. Out of all these, walkers are extremely popular and more versatile than others. Before you decide to buy a walker, you should know about the different types of walkers available in the market and the different types of accessories you can buy to fulfill all your purposes completely. You can head over to https://certhealth.com/ to buy all the below-mentioned items at the most affordable rates.

Types Of Walkers

Folding Walkers – These are the simplest walkers that can be folded and transported easily. They have 4 legs but there are no wheels. It is for those who are capable of slow movement and recovering from surgery or injury. One modified form of folding walkers is a front wheel walker which has two wheels in the front but no wheels only legs at the back.

Adjustable Walkers – These walkers have buttons to adjust the height as per the comfort level. These are for those who are trying to recover from back pain, injury, or surgery and they can keep on increasing or decreasing the height from time to time.

Rollator Walkers – They are also referred to as four-wheel walkers or gliders. There are four wheels and the front wheels swivel. One can walk with it or sit and ask others to push it around like a wheelchair. As a matter of fact, one can simply sit on it at a place like a chair with armrest. There are brakes available for greater safety and easy maneuvering.

A modified version of the rollator walkers is three-wheel walkers with two fixed rear wheels and one front wheel. These are either for babies with a small seat or just walking around as they might not have a seat in most of the cases. Apart from these, there is a rise-assistance walker that helps the users stand up from the seat with minimal effort. There are poles on each side to grab on to while standing up. One can also rest his arms on it while sitting.

Hemi Walkers – If you can give support in one side only, hemi-walkers are for you. It is designed with people with one strong arm and the other can be injured and weak for various reasons. It is also called half walker. Instead of a cane, it is considered to be more stable.

Special Walkers – There are knee walkers for those who have had knee or leg injury or surgery. Those with a fracture in the leg can use it for moving around. Another special walker is U-step walker which is designed for people with Parkinson’s disease. You can buy all these types of walkers from https://certhealth.com.

Accessories For A Walker

If you have a rollator walker, you can buy a basket to carry items with you like an oxygen tank. You can attach a cane holder in the walker so that you can keep a cane that will come useful while going to the bathroom. Some people attach lights and reflectors for the night. One can also buy a bottle holder, cushioned seat, roll resistors for the slow movement of the rear wheels, and skis for the front wheels to protect against winter conditions.

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