Diabetes Care – Glucometer for Home Use

Diabetes, being a very common disease has affected over 60 million people across the nation.  Posing a chronic effect on the body, diabetes degrades the immune system of an individual leading to various other severe health conditions. With actually no absolute cure for this health condition, one needs to keep a check on the blood sugar numbers regularly. But, don’t you think running errands to a clinic for such a simple check-up and bearing extra costs each time becomes hectic?


Indeed, it is. But nowadays to overcome this problem, people are buying best Glucometers for home use and are monitoring their glucose number on their own. Let’s find out more about it!

What is a Glucometer?

A Glucometer, also known as blood glucose meter is a medical machine, specially designed for determining the estimated concentration of glucose present in the blood. Glucometers are used in a complete kit including testing strips, small needles or lancets for pricking, a device to hold the needle and a usage guide. For measuring the glucose level, a small drop of blood is procured by pricking the skin with a lancing device and placed on a glucose testing strip. The glucometer evaluates the result and calculates the blood glucose level in the body. Thus, displaying the result on the screen of the machines.

Home monitoring – Glucometer for home use!

It is very important to regularly measure the blood sugar level to understand how different types of foods, medications, and physical activities are affecting the problem of diabetes.

High blood sugar levels may lead to various health complications such as heart disease, vision problems, kidney disease, nerve damage, poor blood flow, etc., whereas low blood sugar causes certain symptoms such as confusion, excessive sweating, jitteriness, weakness, dizziness etc. thereafter leading to severe complications, such as coma and seizures.

Thus, recording the numbers carefully may help a person to manage diabetes and entailing problems effectively.

Before undergoing a blood glucose level check-up, one must take care of certain things for a safer and easy testing. Always use –

  • A fresh lancet to prick the finger
  • An alcohol swab for sterilizing the puncture site
  • Cotton or bandage for controlling the bleeding (if it continues beyond a few drops)

Choosing best glucometer in India!
Glucometers of different brands have different features. Consider these important factors before buying the best glucometer for home use.


Prefer buying a glucometer after summing up the cost of testing strips too. A glucometer is a single-time investment, but testing strip may add up to the routine expenses.

Blood-Sample Size

Buy a glucometer that requires less amount of blood sample, making testing easier.

Ease of operation
Opt for a device that is bright in contrast, easily readable, and convenient to operate. A complex device makes the testing hectic.

These were few important pointers to keep in mind while buying the best glucometer for home use. Some of the best glucometers in India are Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Dr Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer and Omron HGM-112 Glucometer etc.

So, master the technique of measuring the blood sugar levels at home now!

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