Victims of narcissistic abuse tend to be weak and are usually very affected by the personality and treatment of a narcissist. When a narcissist finally acknowledges that he has a problem and seeks help, what happens to the victim? This person has gotten used to a certain way of life, especially if the person has endured this abuse for so many years. When the victim is introduced to reforming narcissist, it will be difficult for them to learn how to handle this new person, especially if the person is their partner. Feelings of anger and resentment may result. This is why it is important for the aggressor and victim to undergo narcissist recovery because both are victims of the personality disorder.


Possible outcomes for the abused victims from the recovery of the narcissist

Recovery from depression and anxiety

Knowing that the partner is undergoing treatment means that the victim of the narcissist no longer has reason to be anxious every time she senses his return. Although it will take time and a lot of therapy for the abused to recover from the emotional abuse she endured with the narcissist, it is possible for the two to lead normal healthy lives as long as they follow the treatment advised by the professionals.

Saved from suicidal thoughts

Most victims of narcissistic abuse tend to have suicidal thoughts. For them suicide seems to be the only way out especially when they feel extremely inadequate. These feelings have been rubbed into them for so long that they have come to believe it. This cycle need to be reversed to a point where both victims of narcissistic personality disorder are able to live healthy productive lives with no thoughts of inadequacy.

Healthy family life

When children are in the picture, the abuse faced by one of the partners, often the women is reflected in the eyes of the children. Sometimes children show extreme fear for the narcissist. It sometimes seems as if the abuse if faced by the partner alone but children are always aware of what is happening especially since narcissist do not hide their abuse because the abuse is not very obvious. Even the abused hardly ever notices the emotional abuse until it is too late. If everyone in the family undergoes therapy, the end result will definitely be a family unit that is ready to handle any difficulties experienced during the period of abuse.

Therapy is very important during narcissist recovery for all the people who were directly affected by the acts of the narcissist. This way they will understand the disorder better and even realize how best to help the person with the disorder live a healthy life and relate well with all those affected.

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