Bad Habits To Hunt For Beautiful Skin

Who has never dreamed of having a clean and healthy skin? We all seek to have a soft and radiant skin. But do we really do all we can for that? Are we really taking the right steps to age beautifully?

Nothing like a red button in the middle of the face to spoil a day. Sometimes the smallest things can have an inordinate impact. As far as the skin is concerned, it can not be more true. It only takes a few minor changes to achieve sharper, younger-looking skin . And we have a choice . All we have to do is to turn our bad habits into good habits.

Here are some habits that we have to get rid of quickly to achieve our goals.

Do not touch

Of course this seems difficult, but you must keep your hands away from your face . Every time you touch your skin, you impurity. Dirt and oils from the hands can easily be deposited on the skin if you do not pay attention. The best thing, then, is to abstain.

This also applies to the buttons . It is imperative that you resist the urge to pierce or scratch your pimples. You would transmit bacteria that could cause infection. It is a vicious circle that must absolutely be broken. And for this one must stop touching your skin or scratching your pimples.

Change your pillowcases

Regarding the frequency with which we wash our sheets and pillowcases, we all have our own schedule. To have a clean skin, it is important to change the pillow frequently .

At night when you sleep, your hair and skin are in permanent contact with your pillowcase. The hair oils and the products you apply will settle on the fabric and inevitably end up on your face, your shoulders or your back. And if you are not very regular in removing makeup, it does not help your case.

Change your pillows frequently if your skin is not as sharp as you would like. If you do not always have time to make a machine, turn over your pillowcase or pillow to avoid depositing all these impurities on your skin.

Clean your phones

Why do some imperfections sometimes appear on one side of the face? Apart from cases of skin disorders, the person in charge is often not far away. The phone. Whether it is portable or fixed, if it is in contact with your skin, it deposits impurities and picks up others that will remain there until you clean it. Beurk!

Clean your phones and screens regularly and make them a daily habit , for example with an antibacterial spray or similar wipes to clean while killing the bacteria. As a last resort, use the loudspeaker or earphones to avoid contact.

Tie your hair

Here is a bad habit that concerns men and women with long hair . The hair carries a lot of dirt, oils, product, perfume, etc. They act a bit like flyweight paper. Everything that touches them remains there. These germs and impurities are hosted by your hair and are unfortunately transmitted to the face, shoulders and back whenever they are in contact.

Put an end to this bad habit and think of tying your hair to sleep, when you play sports or if you sit on the couch to read a book . If you move your hair away from your skin, you should notice an improvement.

Remove make-up

We all know that removing makeup is imperative . You have to do it every night before you go to bed. You can not hope to have a nice skin if you sleep on makeup.

Similarly, if you are doing sports , you must clean your face before and after training . Otherwise your makeup mixes with your sweating and skin oils during your session, which can clog pores. Be sure to clean your face before and after training. For this, always keep cleansing wipes at hand. This habit will then be easier to adopt.

No more alcohol

If you use cosmetics that contain alcohol, also lose that habit . These alcohol-based products tend to dry out the skin. If this is already your case, you can aggravate the situation and have the skin even drier, even chapped. It is rather what one seeks to avoid in general. Dry skin looks older than greasy or hydrated skin. So forget about alcohol-based products and prefer those that do not.

Coiffez-vous before applying your make-up

If you apply your makeup before you dry your hair, the heat of the hair dryer can melt your makeup and make it sink. Unfortunately, this also can inlay makeup into your pores, which can cause rashes. Try to comb your hair first .

Pay attention to your glasses

If you see small redness on the nose and temples or cheekbones, your glasses may be the reason. Just like with your phone, you should get into the habit of cleaning your eyeglasses and sunshine regularly .

Wipe glasses, frames and deck every day to remove germs, makeup, oils and dirt. Clean your eyeglasses and sun glasses with alcohol or a disinfectant spray and wipe with a soft cloth. It is a simple habit to set up and that can make a difference on your skin. Try, you’ll see.

Do not neglect the rest of your body

If you only clean and then moisturize your face only, you do not serve yourself. Other areas of the body may be prone to rash (back and shoulder acne). For clean, clean skin, clean it from head to toe and apply a moisturizer .

After a workout, change your clothes for a clean outfit. And think of dabbing the skin with a towel to dry it. Do not use the hand towel that everyone is using.

If you are looking to cure your acne or redness, be sure to choose products formulated and reported as anti-acne. A well-groomed skin is a pretty skin. Think about it!

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