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Hair loss remains a major concern for a lot of people. It is essential to understand the causes well in order to achieve the best treatment.

The main cause of hair loss is the heritable hormonal factor that will disrupt hair growth and decrease the regrowth until the follicle is exhausted.

Emotional shock or severe stress also disrupts these male hormones (testosterone) because the adrenal glands will increase testosterone production causing an imbalance in the functioning of the follicle for several months. Fortunately, this situation is not irreversible and oral or local treatments exist.

Hormones have an impact on health in general, but also on our hair. When female hormones fall, male hormones take over causing an excess of testosterone having a negative effect on our hair. This is what happens during menopause, taking contraceptive treatment, after a childbirth or a thyroid problem.

Chemotherapy may also cause alopecia, but it is not systematic and depends on the products used to achieve this chemotherapy. Each person reacts differently to the treatment and the hair will eventually grow back at the end of the treatment.

Some autoimmune diseases, such as alopecia areata, may appear suddenly, mostly because of stress. The hair falls in places as a “plate”, on which they will never grow again.

Dietary deficiencies, especially ferric deficiency, promote hair loss. Iron is very important for oxygenating the blood. It allows the hair to shine and be resistant. Women often encounter severe iron deficiencies during menstruation or after childbirth and underestimate iron-rich foods (red meat, spinach, white beans, oysters, etc.).

The Different Forms of Hair Loss

Alopecia (a medical term for hair loss) becomes pathological when we lose more than 100 hairs a day.

The androgenic alopecia or  baldness common is the most common and is characterized by loss of hair gradually without ever pushing. In men, they give way to a forehead and a crown of the bald head, and in the woman, the top of the head reveals a more diffuse baldness. This alopecia is hereditary and caused by an excess of male hormones, testosterone, which will accelerate the hair cycle to end up falling more quickly.

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The diffuse alopecia is not hereditary and is about hair loss over the entire head. It translates a disorder of the body as during a period of stress, after childbirth, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, following an endocrine problem (thyroid dysfunction), iron deficiency or medication. The cause of this alopecia should be known in order to treat it as efficiently as possible.

The circumscribed alopecia areata or regarding hair loss in a specific area of the scalp. It is due to inflammation of the hair roots in response to some unknown situations, but stress seems to play an important role here.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 to 18.18.52The congenital alopecia is very rare and is characterized by the absence of the hair root, which can be an anomaly of the constitution of the hair. In this case of alopecia, unfortunately, there is no chance for the hair to grow back, only a graft can be envisaged.

The different treatments against hair loss, anti-falls tricks

Only two molecules, minoxidil and finasteride, effectively treat hair loss. The first molecule used only locally (in the form of a spray at the rate of 2 applications per day) will slow the fall and stimulate the growth slightly, provided that it never stops its use. The second, it encourages the regrowth and is recommended to treat the common baldness in the man, because it is teratogenic for the woman of childbearing age. Finasteride is often associated with a local application of minoxidil to optimize the results.

Today, parapharmacy has many alternatives to these drug treatments. As for example, the three-month cure of Vichy Dercos Néogenic that will awaken the bulb of your hair to promote their regrowth. René Furterer’s RF80 ampoules that tackles reactive hair falls to stress, pregnancy. Another tip is to make a cure of specific vitamins and minerals of hair and nails. Thus, you will avoid any deficiency and your hair will grow faster, denser, thicker and fall will become less frequent.

With all these tips, your hair will be perfectly provided and it will give you more confidence in yourself.

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