9 keys for your patients to love your dental clinic

Having happy and smiling patients who always count as first choice in oral health and advice is the main objective of any dentist. It may sound like an easy task, but we know it is not. Therefore, we give you the 9 keys for your patients to love your dental clinic in Dubai with Quality treatment.

9 keys for your patients to love your dental clinic

1. Patient Care

The price should not be decisive in a treatment and less in a dental practice. That your patients follow you as excellent and not for cheap should be one of the objectives. 70% of patients say they are “faithful” to a dentist for their care.

2. Offers experiences

Each clinic has different themes, logos and ways to attract attention. When they arrive at your surgery, let the patient live who, more than saving a tooth or doing a dental cleaning, really is in a pleasant place where he would love to come back again. Customizing each patient is a great option. 80% of dentists believe they offer an optimal experience to patients, but only 8% of patients confirm it.

3. Build trust

Transparency and credibility builds trust that is not easily broken. If you have confirmed appointments, a reliable electronic billing, a record and medical history at the hand of your patients, they will believe in you. Be close and show that you can trust all the teeth in your practice, remember that it is difficult to gain it but it can be lost in just seconds.

4. Work the message

Capture your patients, advance in digital media and, if you have the possibility, physical media. Share this on your social networks, use more interaction alternatives with new patients. Good content is one of the 3 main reasons why people follow brands on social networks. Also, if you want to work something in advertising, you could think about the digital market.


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5. Ask for valuations

More than recognizing some weakness, it is important to learn from mistakes and listen to your patients about opportunities for improvement. For every patient who complains, there are 24 who keep their annoyances in silence.

6. Recognize your responsibility

When there is a problem, take responsibility in a professional manner and offer a solution to your patient, he will feel the importance that is being given to your case and you will have a constant seat in your dental treatments. 70% of patients return when their suggestions are taken into account and there are solutions to their problems.

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7. Create lasting relationships

Strive to build deeper relationships with your present and future patients , through a closeness and appreciation of their attitudes. It is better to have patient friends than occasional visitors who only come to you for a temporary pain.

8. Show that you care

Take every opportunity to let your patients know how vital they are. Make them feel special on their birthday dates, first consultation and achievements in their oral health with care. It will be so well received by them, that they will recommend you without any doubt. 68% of patients stop attending their medical center because they feel they do not care about them.

9. Loyalty and reward

Faithful patients are the best spokespersons and active publicity. Reward them for choosing your query over other options that exist in the dental world. The prize should not always be represented in money, but if there is a good discount, nobody is going to bother. 62% of consumers do not believe that a company is doing enough to reward them.

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