4 Ways Addiction Breaks Down your Body

When people are abusing drugs the last thing they are thinking about is the negative effects that the drugs are having on their bodies. They’re more worried about getting the euphoric high that they are seeking. Usually it is once a person has decided to get clean and turn their lives around that they find how much damage they have done while seeking a good time. Going to a Naples AA meeting can be a great way to learn where to get the help you need to recover.

4 Ways Addiction Breaks Down your Body

The Liver

Located in the upper right side of the abdomen is a vital organ, your liver. Most of this organ is behind the rib cage. In an adult a healthy liver weight about three pounds. It is crucial for many of the body’s functions such as: digestion of dietary fat, purify the blood, produce albumin as well as a protein vital to blood clotting. Over time drugs and alcohol can damage the liver, sometimes in an irreversible manner. Some drugs directly affect the liver while others are changed into chemicals that harm the liver.

The Brain

It’s no surprise that drugs can have a negative effect on the most complex organ in the body. It is from the brain that your body gets all the signals to do everything from walking to breathing. Your brain processes everything you experience and makes you be you. When drugs are abused for lengthy periods of time it can change the brain. It can change the way your neurons interact with each other as well as the chemical balances within the brain. Over time you will find that it feels necessary to have drugs just to feel happy, this is known as an addiction.

The Heart

Your heart is another major organ that can be affected by drug use in a very detrimental way. There are drugs that can raise your heart rate to dangerous highs while other drugs will take it down to dangerous lows. Many people who have been on drugs for an extended period of time may find that the damage to their heart is permanent. For some people the use of drugs can cause heart failure or heart attack. Some people also run the risk of heart valve infections when they use IV drugs.

The Bowels

Having working bowels is something most people take for granted, it never occurs to them how uncomfortable they will be if this system breaks down. Not being able to remove waste is terribly hard on the body. Drugs can slow your system down or lock it up, as well as make you dehydrated. This can lead to diarrhea or constipation. Sections of the bowel may even begin to die, leaving you with permanent bowel problems and much discomfort.

For the long-term health of your body if you have a drug addiction is is imperative that you get help. If you don’t have health concerns already, you may be able to save yourself future problems by getting clean, and there is help available.

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